The Simple Approach Psychic Dvelopment Meditation Programme by Hazel Lee

Hazel Lee is a renowned Psychic Medium, guiding and helping people in the UK and Europe for over 20 years. One of her main passions is teaching, for which she has a natural gift, getting real results with her no -nonsense and down to earth approach.

Psychic Today’s Celebrity Psychic Hazel Lee Presents her 3-part meditation program. Hazel lees psychic development courses have changed lives and enabled many, many people to change careers.

Would you like to improve your psychic gifts? cd 1  copy

Would you like to connect to spirit easily?

Would you like to become a professional psychic?

Let her simple approach open you up to your psychic gifts and the world of spirit!

Hazel is the UKs leading professional psychic trainer. Her students have gone on to work for Europe’s top psychic TV show Psychic Today, both on their phone line and as stars of there global TV shows, and many have recently been featured in both Prediction and Spirit and Soul Magazine.

You now have the opportunity to learn from the best and use the meditation program that has revealed spiritual success for so many others

Step 1:
Hazel Lee’s Energizer Meditation
I believe that meditation was given to us to align our mind, body and soul. Kamal (my guide) gave me this meditation to cleanse and align us. I still after all these years use this exact meditation.
Remember meditation is for alignment, not for receiving messages. We have to clean first, then we can raise our vibration.
Do this meditation everyday for at least a week and then move on to Step 2. Move on to the next step when you are ready. You will know when the time is right.

Step 2:
Hazel Lee’s Raising Your Vibration Meditation
Every time you work you must raise your vibration. Once we have raised our vibration you will then be able to go within for your messages.
In this step you will be doing your “energizer and “raising your vibration” meditations one after the
other. This process is so important in your early stages. Cleanse then raise those vibrations in preparation for going within.
Do this step for at least a week everyday. Only move on to the next step when you feel ready.

Step 3:
Hazel Lee’s Going Within Meditation
The answers lie within so it is a absolute must to go within to seek the answers.
At this stage you can now separate your meditations. You can do your Energizer as a stand alone meditation, I do this about 3 times a week to make sure that I am deeply cleansed and aligned.
Your “Raising Your Vibration” and Going Within” always are done together. You can only work and go within for the answers if you have raised your vibration. You must always do these steps before working with spirit.
My students are still reporting back and using this technique. They haven’t found a better way, in time you will develop your own short cuts, but remember you ALWAYS have to raise your vibration to connect with spirit.
Practice makes perfect, remember this technique works!

About Hazel Lee

“SPIRIT IS MY LIFE! My aim is to bring light to anyone struggling in darkness and to give them informed and positive hope for the future. That is my philosophy – that is how I work. Spirit is my life! I believe that I am truly blessed and that it is my aim in life to help as many people as possible ”

Born with strong psychic abilities, Hazel is a popular psychic medium and has been teaching for over 20 years. She also teaches spiritual development and mediumship in weekend and week workshops here in the UK and Europe. Hazel also regularly appears in Predictions Magazine, Soul and Spirit Magazine, on the radio and TV including Psychic Today on Sky channel 886 giving psychic readings as well as Virgin 1, Bravo 2, Film 24, Unexplained TV and Freeview channel 32. Hazel has a host of celebrity clients.

Hazel is passionate about the work she does and with a team of volunteers, runs her own healing centre in Lambeth; one of London’s poorest and most deprived boroughs. The Spring Healing Centre (a registered charity) makes a wide range of holistic therapies, healing and counseling available to all the community.

Both Hazel and Kamal are determined that spiritual help and healing should be accessible to wealthy and poor alike.

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Learn Lemurian Healing – New Book

This incredible book will teach you a huge amount about Lemuria in a very short amount of time. With an amalgamation of the principles of healing, this practical course will easily teach you Lemurian symbols, potential facts of Lemuria & includes exclusive channeled messages from the highest priest of Lemuria.

Lemuria Front CoverThis book takes you on a positive journey for your personal growth, with insider tips, guided meditations and a chance for you to start to heal not only yourself but to start your journey as a healer for others.

Lemurians were highly evolved psychic beings that used distance healing in their every day lives. Lemuria was apparently the age before Atlantis. Wardle travels to areas of the world where Lemurians are said to reside and writes a fascinating account of their lives and the Motherland – Lemuria.

Lemurian Healing can be used for any physical or emotional pain with absolutely no side effects.

Lemurian Healing has been described as being 10 times the power of Reiki!

Want to learn how to become a Lemurian healer?

This is an intense course for those interested in the age of Lemuria and those whom want to become healers. It is a course like no other before. Wardle has intentionally added Lemurian healing energy to the content of this course, so whilst reading you be able to tune in and feel personal healing from Tiffany Wardle, your qualified Lemurian teacher.

Available in all good books shops from 15th March 2013

The Chakra Chapter: Chakra Colour Therapy With The Angels by Tiffany Wardle

The Chakra Chapter is unlike any other chakra therapy course you will come across. This course book has exclusive content, guidance and insight direct from the angelic realm, the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria.The Chakra Chapter

Tiffany is evidently a very powerful healer and during this course book you will quite literally ‘feel’ the healing energy coming through her words.

The knowledge and commitment within this book and the way it quickly enhances your connection with your angels makes it a very exciting journey. The tools you are given during this course to befriend your angels are easy to use and will help to increase your divine connection instantly.

Do you want to get up close and personal to your angels?

Fancy balancing your chakras to achieve inner happiness?

Are you looking to gain knowledge on how best to use crystals in your every day life?

This incredible read is full of insight and tips on how to balance and open your chakras to achieve inner happiness, peace, upliftment, motivation, love and abundance in your everyday life.

Tiffany also includes exclusive channeled messages from her guides that will help your development and increase your knowledge of the angelic realm and the Age of Atlantis.

If you want to talk to angels on a much deeper level and achieve more personal happiness then this course is for you.

The Chakra Chapter: Chakra Colour Therapy With The Angels by Tiffany Wardle available from 15th March 2013

Loving Yourself Through Cancer: Mind, Body & Soul Techniques, Tips & Knowledge To Aid You In Your Cancer Journey & Recovery.

Loving Yourself Through Cancer: Mind, Body & Soul Techniques, Tips & Knowledge To Aid You In Your Cancer Journey & Recovery.

Daphne Whitehouse – Metaphysical Teacher & Breast Cancer Survivor talks openly about her own experience, the techniques that worked for her and reveals the secrets that the money making pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know.

* Enjoy honest personal accounts from Daphne that are so inspiring and relatable.

* Learn how your emotions and beliefs cause dis-ease such as cancer and how to change these patterns

* Understand how food and free radicals can effect your health

* Discover how to heal yourself from the inside out.

This 2 part album also includes a guided healing meditation with Daphne.

” I am so inspired by Daphne and her work. She has been one of my own teachers for years and I am so proud of the work she has created due to her own Cancer experience. Her knowledge on the subject is 2nd to none and her honesty is inspirational as always”  – Claire Anstey

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Sort Out Your Crap Life by Claire Anstey

Learn how to uncover what you really want from your life and do exercises that will enable you to create balance within it. Find out ways that will allow you to lose the friends that are dragging you down and attract new and exciting people into your life. Learn how to love yourself and know that you a wonderful person whom deserves a fabulous full and fun life. Problem solve with ease and gain the confidence to make all the changes you deeply desire. This book is an amalgamation of the wisdom Claire learnt from experts across the globe, it gives us a sneaky peeks of her own private diary, pitch perfect quotes from a spectrum of 21st century gurus spanning Mahatma Gandhi to P Diddy and a 21 day plan so that we can create change for ourselves just like she did. The author has put the truth out there for all to see, it is brave and genius. What she has to say will change the ok life you thought you had to one that makes you feel like a rock star. We love this book as it introduces spiritual and practical techniques in a exciting, funny and real life way. Claire is relatable, normal and comes across as a good friend. What readers are saying: ‘i just thought id let you know your book is amazing. my house mate got me to read it last night and its already changed my life. Ive never managed to read a book before in my life but yours is different. ive been trying to deal with this for years but honestly your book feels like the first step towards freedom. thank you so much :) xx’

A message from the author: “With over 30 exercises, and its Benchmark Chronicle 21 day plan this book is made to make you feel better. It holds all the details of how I sorted out my crap life, the exercises I used to discover myself and some real diary entries from when I felt messed up. Today I feel amazing; I have absolutely no crap in my life. This new strength enabled me to be open and honest with my experiences and these principles are now shared with you in this book so that if you are willing you can sort out your life too.” – Claire Anstey

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